I’m an English Australian currently living in Pasadena, California.  We moved from Melbourne, Australia, to Cambridge, MA, in March 2012 so my husband could pursue an opportunity, and we arrived in Los Angeles in April 2014 for the same reason.  I’m into science (physics, astronomy), communications (written, photographic) and science communication (translation, explanation, promotion). I’m also a bit crazy about running.


I currently work for a telescope construction project where I get to promote astronomy every day.

I like to run – and in 2012 went from barely being able to run for one minute to being able to comfortably run for two hours. I completed the Run To Remember half-marathon in May 2013 in 1:57:17.

I also love to travel when I can – check out the travel page of this blog.

This blog was created as a reason to write, and as an experiment to see what I could create in a year. Please email me at amanda.kocz[at]gmail.com or leave a comment and let me know what you think!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is great! Makes me miss home a bit. My bf is from Manchester and he is bursting with excitement to move to America in the next couple years. How long are you planning on staying in the US?

  2. Great blog and thanks for the RMV info 🙂 did you just turn up to do the theory test? It doesn’t explain in full on the website 😦

    1. Thanks! So we made a general RMV appointment via the website, but I don’t think you have to. When you get to the RMV there are two lines at reception before you can get anywhere – one was for people with appointments, and one without. The first line is a lot shorter! Once you get your ticket at reception you wait to get the eye test. Then you take the theory test. We went on Black Friday morning – it was the quietest I have ever seen the RMV 🙂
      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for stepping by on our europe2australia blog, It seems like we have a lot in common, although we moved to Melbourne. It seems like your one year blog experiment as you described it has extended itself a bit, what have you learned?

    Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Willemijn, Thanks for your comment! Yes, this blog has definitely extended itself, and evolved quite a bit from my original plan. The main thing I’ve learned from the experiment is that it’s hard to make time to blog while working full time.
      I hope you’re enjoying Melbourne, and thanks for all the posts – I enjoy them!

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