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9 things I miss about Australia

We recently visited Australia and had an absolutely awesome time.  I found out that some friends and family actually read this blog! Hi!

On arrival we immediately noticed three things: how well dressed everyone is, how affluent the country appears, and how much the price of everything has gone up since our last visit a year ago.  Since when did a McDonald’s meal cost over $8?  Since when did an overseas stamp cost $2.55?  And since when did a Cherry Ripe* (see below) cost $2.50+?

That aside, here are some things I realized I really miss about the land down under. Obviously it’s not an exhaustive list…and a worrying number of the points below relate to food.

1. Storms

They have proper storms in Australia. As witnessed by the recent storm-pocalypse of Brisbane. Always good when you go to stay with friends then have 1.5 days without power.

2. Vegemite on Toast

Craved it.  Note, must be proper Australian bread.

3.  Food in general

Everything we ate was awesome (and very expensive).

4. Prawns [shrimp] are the correct size

I.e. Massive.  That’s not a prawn, THIS is a prawn.  Preferably cooked on a BBQ by a blond Australian man holding a beer (not pictured).

5. McDonalds

Edible! Also apparently now called “Macca’s”.


6. Coffee

So much coffee.  Even in Melbourne airport they have a helpful sign telling you where you can buy it in the terminal.  The man at the lovely Cafe de Aura in Redcliffe, Qld, made a pattern of a phoenix on my flat white.

7. Place names

What’s the name of that creek? So strange.


8. Sunsets

Ok, so I know LA has awesome sunsets (due to, ahem, smog) but somehow I just prefer the Australian ones.

*9. Cherry Ripes

A wonderful, Australian only, Cadbury’s chocolate.  Savored until the next supply run!



Questions: What do you miss about ‘home’? | Any thoughts on Vegemite?



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8 thoughts on “9 things I miss about Australia

  1. I would add. The brilliance of the available light, Cherry Ripes, the smell of Coles supermarket on Queen St. Brisbane, fruit bats at dusk (Qld), sparkling water and fresh air blowing off the harbour (Sydney), Cherry Ripes, tram tracks that steer your car (Melbourne), big cities that still have a small-town feel, Cherry Ripes, old fashioned TV stations, springy grass and of course Cherry Ripes (did I already say that one?).


  2. I do miss australia. And Aussie sunsets are waaay better than everywhere else in the world as far as I’m concerned. Every single night! Despite the smog, LA just doesn’t have the right cloud cover for it.


  3. Oh QLD storms….. how else will you get a break from the summer heat and humidity? 😛

    I’ve been in Brisbane for 4 years, and used to be in Townsville up in north QLD. So I’m used to heat, cyclones and floods…but oh my, that hail storm in Brisbane was crazy! Third time ever seeing hail, and it was terrifying. Lost power for 20 hours, and my bathroom window was smashed. I love Brisbane….but definitely don’t like the weather when it’s that insane!

    Great blog by the way! 🙂


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