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2013 Resolutions Update – April

I made some progress on my 2013 New Years Resolutions during March…


Put a video on YouTube

Yes – on February 25th I uploaded my first YouTube video. It was some scenes from Boston’s Snowpocalypse – but with the fatal flaw of being added waaaay after the fact so no-one was interested in watching it! 🙂  Opps. Will try harder to be timely next time.

Completed for March:

See at least one sunrise per month

Yes, managed it for March – just!

Sunrise: March 29th.
Sunrise: March 29th.

Progress Made:

Run a half-marathon race

I’ve entered Boston’s Run to Remember which is on May 26th.  I found a training plan and it’s all going well so far.

Earn $3760

My first USD paycheck arrived in March!


That leaves $3132 left to earn this year. I’ve been given three (or four?) more weeks work so hopefully by mid-May I’ll be perhaps another $1250 (+) closer…

Get a US driver’s license

I went for my first driving lesson last week, my first ever time driving on the wrong side of the road.  I survived!   My lesson was with Love Driving School who charged $50 an hour. This seemed quite excessive actually so I don’t think I’ll be going back to them.  He also charges $100 to sponsor you for your driving test (i.e. provide car and person)… I recently made further enquiries and found a school that charges… wait for it… $158 to sponsor you for your driving test!  Excuse me?  What planet is this? (oh yeah, it’s America…)

Write a newspaper article, a short story and a book outline

No, but I did write a few narratives while we were in Australia – Sydney Morning Run is one of them.

Make a website/blog for me

This blog is going well – I have 21 subscribers!  I find this amazing since I haven’t told anyone about the blog…?  My best post for likes has been Australia Trip – Summary Part 1.  I’m severely lacking in comments though. Something to work on for next month?

Also relevant this month:

I also want to:

  1. Watch the Boston Marathon (in person!)

I might have a problem with this….  My next set of work starts on 15th April — Marathon Monday!  In the morning!  SIGH.


How do you get people to comment on your posts? Suggestions please!


2 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions Update – April

  1. Keep up your tags and categories. Comment on some other people’s blogs and the comments will come in. Dont’ worry about it, just keep writing, you are a good writer and are doing some really interesting things.

    I like your blog and keeping up with what you are doing. I want to do a half marathon too!

    Take care 🙂

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