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2013 Resolution success – First YouTube upload

One of my resolutions in 2013 is to put a video on YouTube.

Today, using Windows Movie Maker and a couple of videos I took on my camera earlier this month, I have succeeded!  The video was taken on February 9, 2013 – the day after the Boston Snowpocalypse.  The snow was 2ft deep and the streets were filled with people digging out their cars.  It was an amazing sight.

Here it is:

“Doing YouTube” turned out to be a very simple process in the end.  Windows Movie Maker, which came with my computer (I assume) was very simple to use.  I was able to easily add the title and credits and could have done a fair bit of editing if I wanted to.  The hardest part was actually sorting out my logins to upload the video (which you can do direct from the Movie Maker program): my Google account was being so helpful and preventing this “suspicious sign-in”… plus I had to create a Google+ account.

So now I’ve done the first one, stand by for more, and better, videos in the future!


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